I am an entrepreneur, mother, wife, leader, athlete, and, if I’m honest, a ferocious nail biter. I haven’t always defined myself this way (except a nail-biter!), but through my life’s experiences and my own personal transformation, I have discovered that I am all of these things and so much more.


Like you, I juggle a lot in my life – family, personal health, and my career. There was a time in my life when I became tired, sick, frustrated, disappointed (mostly with myself) and stuck. I was in a job that wasn’t fulfilling me anymore, I had just experienced a lot of loss and grief, and it all took a toll on my health and family. I felt stuck. At the suggestion of a colleague, I turned to a professional coach, initially to help me in my career, but who helped me align my personal and professional goals with what it was I really wanted out of my life.


Coaching gave me a safe place to explore what I valued most, where I wanted to go and what I hoped to find when I arrived. The process changed my life and today my days are full of energy, inspiration and healthy challenge. And what’s best, is I feel more impactful in every area of my life.


Today, I am passionate and inspired to empower others to achieve their goals both personally and professionally. To each of my clients I bring my intuition and warm personality in a creative partnership to get clear the life they most want for themselves and tackle the challenges that are standing in the way. Together, we face fears, limiting beliefs, and create goals that lead you toward your vision of a better business, better career or better life.


My experiences and, ultimately, my story combined with my passion to help others has led me to this work – coaching people to strengthen and support their personal leadership and emotional resilience.  We are most empowered and able to transform ourselves, our communities, when we self-actualize and live our best lives. 


I look forward to the opportunity to go on this journey with you. Schedule a discovery session today!


Coaching creates space to understand what is holding us back from achieving our goals and inspires transformation.

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Many of my clients:

  • Own a small business and want to achieve greater success, but need help defining what that looks like and how to get there

  • Are in or have experienced challenging work situations or life change

  • Are considering what the next steps of their career could look like

  • Want to become more effective leaders in their work or their communities

  • Want to sharpen their business management skills and attract clients and work that aligned with their passion

  • Desire to discover greater balance in their work and personal lives


In our 1:1 coaching sessions we will create space to:

  • Listen deeply to yourself and begin to trust your intuition.

  • Discover and connect with your life purpose.

  • Align your goals with your purpose.

  • Begin to make change – even in small ways.


Schedule a Discovery Session with me and let’s see if coaching can help you achieve your goals.

It can be helpful to have someone from outside your business or nonprofit work with you to evaluate the health of your organization. Healthy organizations operate in alignment with their missions and priorities, and we help you analyze the opportunities and challenges facing your organization and help you achieve your goals.


Organizations we work with often:

  • Seek clarity and a clear path to make an organizational improvement or achieve a new goal

  • Want to assess whether their mission and goals are in alignment with the organizations vision

  • Seek skill building in areas where there may be challenges such as financial management, fundraising, marketing and operational management

  • Want to build a stronger team to reach the organization’s goals through individual and group coaching for their staff


Consulting for organizations varies greatly based on the unique needs of each group.

Some ways we can help are: 

  • Conduct an organization health check to gain clarity around where the challenges and opportunities are for your business or nonprofit.

  • Evaluate and develop strategies to improve your marketing and fundraising to ensure alignment with your mission and that they are reaching your target audience.

  • Evaluate and develop strategies to improve your financial management to ensure you are meeting your goals and working toward the future with confidence.

  • Provide individual and group training for your staff to ensure everyone’s strengths are being maximized to reach the business’ goals.


Schedule a Discovery Session so we can talk and see how True Reach can help you achieve your goals!

Small adjustments in strategy can often result in big and lasting changes.


Want to know more about coaching or consulting and how they can help you or your business?


Discover Sessions are 20 minute complimentary sessions via phone, Skype  or in person. They give us a chance to get to know one another and to see if working together can help you achieve your goals.


From there, we can decide what packages of personal or business coaching are right for you.

Contact me today to schedule yours.


words from

   my clientS   

It was important to have a coach that I trusted, with significant experience as a female executive, and whose goal was to support me.  Melissa helped me gain perspective and and was a valuable thinking partner.  ~ Joanna

I worked with Melissa through a time of professional growth and life change. Knowing that having a vision of what I was trying to achieve was critical, I signed up for 1:1 coaching sessions. Working with Melissa helped me get really clear about my goals and outline steps towards achieving them. I am happy to report that navigating that time of transition was much smoother than I had imagined! Looking back, I can see that the seeds of my success were planted in my sessions with Melissa. ~ Marty


Working with Melissa enabled me to clarify my professional goals and identify strategies in which to achieve them. During just a few sessions, Melissa helped me analyze situations objectively and isolate the personalities and politics which had blurred my perspective. She gave me tools to articulate my feelings in a professional way which got my needs met. Melissa is a trustworthy resource who helped me improve my business relationships and become a more effective leader. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Melissa as a coach and mentor. She has helped me understand my unique character traits and talents, and beyond that has encouraged me to look for ways to utilize them in both my career and my life. I feel more empowered to go after the life that I want, regardless of what other people might Think. I would recommend her work to anyone looking for clarification and a path to more effectively reach their goals.

~ Samantha 

Habitat for Humanity Nantucket builds affordable homes for ownership. Our board has been focused on accelerating our construction program in order to help more Nantucket families. The Board and Executive Committee enjoyed working with Melissa and appreciated her thoughtful approach.  True Reach was instrumental in helping us clearly define our goals and concentrate on key actions necessary to support a faster build rate.

- Joe Grause, President Habitat for Humanity Nantucket


I have only been working with Melissa for a short time, but I  gotten more of my business goals accomplished in those 8 weeks than in the last three years! Melissa really has the systems, support and accountability that I need to take my business to the top. She both pushes me and is my biggest cheerleader. I can’t wait to see where my business goes in the coming year with her at my side.

~ Rachel Dixon, The Art of Being Well

Melissa is my backbone. As a creative, I appreciate her sharp sense for business that's accompanied perfectly by her loving encouragement. She continues to help me think even beyond my own vision to make plans that are not only inspirational but also achievable, concrete, and logical. You definitely want Melissa by your side.

~ Megan Snedden, The Kind Effect

I contacted Melissa after seeing her social media announcement about the start of her new business, True Reach. Entering a new phase in my life, I was in need of business guidance yet, what I received was much more. From our first meeting until present, Melissa has been incredibly easy to work with. She takes the time to learn about my interests, my hopes, my fears, and where I want my future business endeavor to take me. She as always allowed me to progress and develop on my own terms yet allows me to find my inner strength to envision healthy risks. These risks have lead to new discoveries not only within my business but within myself. Melissa's resourcefulness and advocacy has given me great confidence in making the positive change I am seeking.

~ Crystal

Working with Melissa for two months now has given me the tools to steer my company in the direction I've always envisioned it, speeding up the process through making the right connections. Not only does she provide thoughtful insight, but when I am asking her something outside of her personal knowledge bank (which is quite vast) she has provided me with invaluable introductions to the right people. Above, all the reason I love working with her most is because she is a genuine person who truly cares about helping me with my goals. You don't find that every day.

~ Kristen Kellogg, Border Free Travels

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